Phantom 3 Professional    Aerial Video Camera

Stories like to be heard. Stories like to be told. Stories love to find an audience. And Paul Staab Productions loves to be the ones shaping and pushing the ideas that make up stories - visual ones. From inception to premier, our team goes all in to create, direct, cut, and produce exceptional media.

Talent, skill, and creative vision are just some of what we bring to the table. Whether you're looking to shoot a commercial, put together and film a live show, or need content for a multi-faceted media campaign, you've found the right production house.

Captured this stunning video/photo in the Badlands of South dakota.

What Paul Staab Productions does

  • Digital Media-Internet Content
  • Weddings/Most Live Events
  • Corporate Video-Training Films
  • Concert & Live Music Video
  • Video & Sound Production
  • NEW!  Unmanned Aerial Videos/Photos

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Besides using state-of-the-art video equipment, Paul Staab Productions is the first in the area to incorporate unmanned aerial video equipment to tell your digital story.  Below is some breathtaking aerial video taken in late fall in Duluth, Mn of the longest laker in the fleet...the Paul she headed into the Duluth harbor.

Have you got an important event or big day coming up.  Paul Staab productions specializes in making high quality video memories that will last through the ages and for generations to come.  Below is a wedding that took place on a riverboat on the St. Croix river near Stillwater, Mn.