The Life and Times of Carl Halverson

On  Labor Day weekend in 2015 a gathering took place in an area that was the original Halveson Homestead.  The gathering was commenced such to keep alive the memory of one Carl Halverson.   He was the paternal head of the Halverson family which grew exponentially from the depression years of the 1920's and 1930's to the present.  

My name is Paul Staab.  I am the second oldest of Carl's grandchildren and a videographer and digital storyteller by trade.  Most of us decendents have for years talked about doing something that would capture Carl's memory...something tangible that could be passed down for generations to come.  Most of us know and understand the impact Carl had on so many people's lives.   It was from these countless discussions about our grandfather that I decided to take on this project of telling his story in digital video.  

On this webpage, you will be able to visit and see the latest chapters and stories that defined Carl's life.  Upon the conclusion, if you are interested, we will provide you a DVD that you can hold on to and pass on for generations to come.  

Many thanks to my sister Jan and her husband Jack wilson for opening their home (the original Halverson homestead) to celebrate and tell the stories we remember of grampa Carl.  And thanks to all who agreed to sit down in front of video cameras to pass on what they remember about this facinating and larger-then-live person.  Enjoy!

Carl was a 1918 fire survivor and has passed along vivid memories of the forest blaze that took over 400 lives.

Mike Rudebeck was the beneficiary of Carl's trapping and life knowledge.  Mike had many stories to tell about his experiences with the "legend."

Six young boys go on an adventure that could get them up close and personal with a bear believed to have attacked and killed an elderly male. It's all part of growing up when outdoor legend Carl Halverson is your grandfather.

Carl Halverson was a storyteller. And, according to grandson Lyle Halverson, not to many people could spin a yarn quite like his grampa could.

Carl Halverson's daughter...Karen Miller...shares a story about her dad and a deer hunting rifle she thought was "faulty."

One of Carl Halverson's grandsons...the late Jack Halverson...shares a story that convinced him his father was the "real deal."

One of Carl Halverson's grandsons...the Duane and Ken Halverson share an adventure dad Carl had trapping in the BWCA.